Just planning the workshop on Keeping Motivated that I am running next week.  One thing sprang to mind in relation to procrastination techniques that people use.  They tidy up their desk or office as a way of avoiding the work they don’t want to do.  However this can also be for other reasons.  Your working environment can make a difference to how you perform.  Do you need to have space, order or calm to deliver your best work?  How important is the environment to you?

I know that the environment can play a major role in the success of a speaking event.  I have spoken at some venues that are just awful, where the event organiser has not considered factors like the shape of the room, possible external distractions, natural light etc. and then the event does not deliver the desired results.

Once I spoke at a corporate conference that had been arranged at a race track!  I only had 3.5 minutes or less, to say something inspiring before the next flurry of fast cars passed outside at high speed.  Very distracting.  So make sure you consider environment today if you want to achieve your best work.