My partner is involved in motorsport and everytime he gets ready to go off to a race he has to move his racecar into the trailer.   I am sometimes around to help him do this, and I always notice that he has a few pieces of wood that are used for various tasks.  From stopping the car sliding back when its stopped on the ramp, to ensuring a smooth line for the wheels to take whilst putting the car in….and many more. Then at the race circuit, I noticed the same with all the other drivers, that handy piece of wood that is always lurking about ready to be used for an important job.

Ginetta G27 001

Now whilst there are many pieces of important equipment that are required to participate in motorsport, and many of them cost of a lot of money, the trusty pieces of wood are always there when you need them, and are probably the least expensive item in the trailer.

It got me thinking.  Sometimes when you are feeling demotivated, or there is not a huge pipeline of business ahead, its easy to take your skills and talents for granted, and think that anyone can do what you do.  But the uniqueness that you bring to your work, is just that – unique.  No one else will view the world the way you do, and the combination of knowledge, experience and skills that you have developed over the years is what makes each one of us valuable in our role.  For people in the consulting line of business, that's what clients are paying for.  For your ability to bring together the sum of your experience to help add value to their business in some way or other.

So if you are feeling like that piece of wood in the corner of the garage, thinking that no-one notices you there and that you are not as valuable as all the shiny other things that are around, remember this. 

YOU are the most useful tool in your kitbag – write down all the reasons why you add value and how you have helped others in the past. You dont need fancy packaging or a snazzy business card – just know what you are good at and be able to tell others in a succinct manner.