Thank goodness Women's Enterprise Day is over…..only because it was so busy – I spoke at three events in one day!

Women in Rural Business – This event was organised by Business Link and had around 80 women attending.  It was held at a wonderful venue on a huge parkland estate with wide open views and sun streaming in….makes you appreciate everything there is about the rural environment.

Then I came back to Oxfordshire where we were running an event for local business women focusing on the topic of celebration by thinking about how to maximise your strengths.  Did you know that when Gallup did a survey a number of years ago, only 20 % of people strongly agreed that they had an opportunity to use their strengths at work every day?   I believe if we can focus on what we are great at and leverage that within our businesses, then we can often ensure that the added revenue we can generate can pay for outsourcing the jobs we are not great at.  Sometimes it needs for us to value and recognise our strengths in order to achieve this.

Lastly I had a wonderful evening with high flying students at Oxford University. This was part of their new student society Oxford Women in Business.  I received a great reception here and approached the event with my usual interactive style, asking questions and encouraging discussion about some of the topics I was introducing.  This seemed to be something out of the ordinary and was enjoyed by those in the audience.  

So what did I learn?   That it does not matter, if you run a business from a rural location, or are thinking of starting up, or indeed are already established, people love real life stories and to be inspired.   We all need motivation at times and to think about issues related to our business from a different perspective.  There was a lovely rich mix of backgrounds, ages, experience and knowledge that it was an exhausting day. Thank goodness it only happens once a year!