Last night I was speaking at an event we had arranged with the University of Bath in Swindon to celebrate Women’s Enterprise Day.  The line up of speakers included Kelly Nicholls, who runs KN Photo, a  company specialising in wedding photography which has an all female team of photographers, something that is a rarity in the photographic world.

What inspired me was her level of energy, passion and enthusiasm for her business which came through strongly in her presentation.  Later in conversation Kelly said that the main reason she started up was because someone said to her as a teenager that all she would do in the future is get married and have children.  She wanted to prove them wrong and has made a great success of her business so far – and she is still under 30!  It can take that "I”ll show them" type of motivation to really fire some of us into action, and it was the same for me back in 1995 when I read "are you man enough for the Ultimate Challenge" on the advert for my first ever polar expedition.  Some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs have been driven by an "away from" motivation of never being poor again, which can be as compelling as the "towards" motivation of making a million.  So think about what gets you motivated – is it positive encouragement, or a sceptic?