It’s been a busy week. I have run four events for women entrepreneurs and two of those for women running high growth businesses.  So what do you need to create a high growth business?  Well according to the research it comes down to three things: 

  1. A good business idea that is scalable
  2. Technical knowledge and management skills
  3. Access to diverse networks and the ability to use them effectively

The big issue in this list seemed to be the second point about having the appropriate knowledge and skills.  I sense that women often put themselves last and are not willing to invest in their own development. Yet once it was pointed out that it can directly impact on the bottom line of the business, it seemed to be a more compelling reason to do it.

One comment was "we have limited funds now so we need to wait until we have developed the business and have some more funds".  I challenged the person to think about how high a priority training might be even if more funds were available.  So perhaps its time to be a bit more selfish.  What do you need to know or be able to do in order for your business to succeed?  Will your business grow at the speed you want it to if you don’t invest in yourself?

I took the decision earlier this year to invest in the NLP Practitioner course.  I was not entirely sure how it would benefit the bottom line of the business, but even after four sessions I know I am feeling more confident and this is impacting in a positive manner not only on my day to day running of the business, but in the way I deliver my presentations and workshops. This brings positive results and often repeat business or referrals.