Wise Women
Just back from Chicago where I attended the Women President's Organisation annual facilitator training event.  What I love about attending this meeting is the amount of enthusiasm that you experience from being in a room with 50 other dynamic business women. Everyone is so willing to support and help each other, that you can't fail to become motivated and enthusiastic.  Mind you heaven help any presenter that doesn't quite come up to the mark – it won't be long until they find this out!

If you are struggling with the economic downturn, or thinking that you are the only person who has your issues, try to seek out positive people, who have a can-do attitude.   It will help you get revitalised and realise that you are not alone.

Wise Pack

One of the facilitators, Myrna Marofsky was telling me about her latest business, Wise Pack. These are fab travel backpacks that have been designed by women for women.  The company was started by Myrna and
her business partner Karen Stinson.  As owners of a successful
consulting business for over 20 years, they traveled thousands of
miles around the world and knew what it is like to stand in
long security lines AND meet with clients all in one long day.

those miles began to wear on their bodies and souls, they searched for
ways to make the long travel days easier. Typical of women-on-the-go,
when there was no solution, they created one. Then they consulted with
other women travelers, and tested the bag for two years to make sure
they added features that met the needs of these women. And so was born
the WisePack™.  Now, as Grandmothers-on-the-go they are non-stop
users of the WisePack™ adding to their uses, nappy bag, carrier of toy
trucks and cars, and "sensible" shoes for long journeys. The uses for
this bag never stop. I will be ordering one before my next travel for sure!