I saw that a new book has just been published on the subject of The Female Brand by Catherine Kaputa. The book aims to provide some insight into why talented women have trouble succeeding in business (mainly corporates I think) and provide some methods that we can use to create our own authentic brand.

I can't help thinking that we sometimes only look at one part of the equation.  Many of the entrepreneurial women I have met, left corporate land precisely because they felt they could not "be authentic" in that environment.  So if they are able to create a female brand that they are comfortable with in their own company, what' stops them doing so in the corporate world?   It's the culture, I hear you say, that's just how it is.  So if the people at the top of organisations (mostly men) don't get the value of a different culture, how are they going to be convinced.  Maybe its time to promote male role models, who can be flag fliers for the female brand too?  Will that help them listen and take action?  Or should we just encourage more women to take their talents elsewhere, build large corporations themselves and create different cultures?  What do you think?