Last week I had a problem with my car and it was out of action for almost a week.  This caused me to have to change my diary and move business commitments which I really would prefer not to do.  It made me realise that sometimes we can take things and people for granted in business and it's not until the person or the piece of equipment is not there, that you miss it.

So, if you were to list your top 5 things that are important to you at work – what would they be?

Maybe your computer….or your car…..or your colleagues…..or a piece of technology?

And then how would you make sure they were reliable and there to support and help you?

If I had truly taken on board a blog post I wrote recently about "slowing down is the new speeding up" then maybe my predicament might not have happened, because I would have noticed that the car was not running as normal, and had a back up plan etc.

So today, take time to slow down – think about those important people and things that help you in business  – and tell them what a difference they make to you.   If its an object, then recognise its value to you at work, and if its a person, tell them what you are thinking!