It’s now Sunday evening and I have been working flat out for the last two days – so I am glad the weather has been not so good…. We have the launch of our first Mission Growth group next week, plus another networking event we are running for the University of Bath featuring three fascinating business women – who I get the pleasure of interviewing!!  This all means loads of prep to make sure everything runs smoothly….

Last week I delivered an event on maximising your strengths for business success which was really well received.  It’s always lovely to get great feedback, but what is even more satisfying to know is that people left with a clear plan of action.   I used Marshall Goldsmith’s feedforward process within the session to encourage everyone to seek ideas on how to improve a strength and there was such a buzz around the room it was wonderful.   Afterwards, everyone got a commitment card from me and I invited them to write down one action they would take – and everyone had one!  If you have not tried feedforward then take a look at Marshall’s video explanation and give it a go – it’s very energising.

We have also managed to get Lynne Copp, who delivered one of the best sessions at our network recently, to  deliver a 1 day workshop on work/life balance which will take some of the ideas she shared to the next level.  Can’t wait and I bet it will be oversubscribed.   Obviously having had no time to myself this weeked, I need to take on board some of Lynne’s useful tips!