I keep coming across women who secretly have a desire to grow their business, but are fearful of what it really means. Will they lose control?  Do they have to work harder?  How will it be funded?  All of these questions and more then serve to put them off going for it. 

I had been trying to think about how to can motivate and inspire these type of women to make it seem "possible" – after all our company's name is not Mission Possible for nothing is it!  So, using what we do best to motivate people to achieve other goals, I decided to apply the same approach to this question.

The answer – demystify it.  Make it seem possible – enticing – exciting – and what's more, during this process help them realise they are not the only one who is in this situation. And finally – make sure that before they leave, they have the first step identified – so they can take immediate action.

The outcome – is our What you need to know to grow a business event on 12th March.  Two speakers with quite different backgrounds who can provide realistic, practical insight and add to the mix and opportunity to discuss the issues with others who are there. 

So spread the word and tell your friends about it!