Today I heard about a great new website thanks to a posting on LinkedIn by one of my contacts, Jay Shah (thanks!)  Its a brilliant way to upload photographs, and then using their wonderful technology, you add music, supplied on the site, or uploaded by you, and then in a few minutes you have a video created to bring together your images and the music. Fab!

So what does this technology have to do with expeditions in the Arctic?  It made me think about stepping into the unknown with both experiences.  Going on an expedition relies mostly on the weather, you might have done all the best preparation but if Mother Nature does not want you to be successful, you won't be!

Trying out this new website had me thinking, will this be worthwhile?  Is it going to be difficult to use?  Now whilst it might not be life or death to use technology, it does still have you stepping into the unknown.  However, I could not have had a better experience – and am delighted with the results!

Many of my expeditions pictures have not been seen and I hope you will agree they do help you to understand what it's like stepping into the unknown.  So have a look at the results and see what you think. 

North Pole Expedition

Crossing the Greenland IceCap