I came across this list of issues that Vega Zagier Roberts and Michael Jarrett summarise as ‘What Matters Most? when coaching  and I really like this.  You could use it a checklist for yourself as a coach and see how you shape up….

A good coach should:
1. Have genuine
commitment to the client and their success
2. Create clear contracting so coach,
client and organisation have shared expectations and objectives: includes
explicit agreement about confidentiality.
3. Have honesty: no secret agendas
between coach and organisation, such as assessing client: address possible
conflicts of interest between coachee and their organisation
4. Know and
work within your own limitations, in particular “not unpacking what you
don’t have time or skill to pack up again”
5. Set appropriate task boundaries –
clarity about what kinds of issues are legitimate
6. Create appropriate role
boundaries – clarity whether on is in the role of facilitator, teacher,
expert, friend and aware when there is conflict or confusion about the
coach’s role.
7. Have awareness of the potential for creating dependency and vigilance
not to exploit this.
8. Having a broad flexible repertoire of
interventions and ways of thinking about people and organisations.
9. Have regular review of ones work in formal or informal supervision with