After attending the Association for Coaching event that I blogged about last week, I have been inspired to redefine my brand as a coach.   I told a friend of mine and she instantly said "that seems like you do three things – inspiration, realistion and implementation".  It was so helpful.

Arctic scene

Inspiration – This is at the heart of all my work, whether its doing a motivational talk, or coaching someone, they have got to beleive that their goal is possible.  We get inspiration from many different places: from others who have been on the journey before, from people whom we admire and trust, from nature, from life's experiences.  I make a point of trying to understand what is the essence of an individual and therefore what is likely to give them inspiration.

Realisation – This is the moment when the penny drops, or the slow change in understanding that causes you to be honest with yourself, or to become aware enough that you see what's really holding you back.  It might be your mothers voice in your head that says "you will never amount to anything" or realising that nothing is really stopping you apart from fear.  This "aha" moment is the turning point.

Implementation – I am really big on taking action.   There are so many people that say to me "oh I'd love to go on an adventure and when I meet them years later, somehow they just never got round to doing anything about it.  So I love helping people come up with a sustainable action plan that provides motivation for them, and they see results, so they keep at it. 

So have a go for yourself – think about three words that describe what you do.  You can start with loads more if you wish, but make sure you narrow them down to just three.  Then let me know what they are!