I expect that many of you have had this frustration at some time in the recent past. People who say they will do something and then do not deliver.  This can be a blight in small businesses are well as large organisations and can lead to staff, colleagues, suppliers and customers being disillusioned when a leader’s subsequent actions
contradict their initial words.

So when you experience someone who “walks the talk” the positive impact is immeasurable.   I must share my experience here of inviting successful business people to be featured as role models on our website as an example.  We have over 15 profiles on the site and every person that is featured is, by the very nature of their job, a busy person with plenty of other things to consider more important than our request for information.

However, I will single out two people who for me have stood out in the way they have responded.  Firstly, Vivienne Cox, Executive Vice President at BP and someone with management responsibility for over 8000 people worldwide – and in an extremely demanding role!  I heard Vivienne speak a while ago and was impressed by what she said about her personal values and how she behaves as a leader, so I asked if she would be one of our role models. She agreed and within a few days had responded with the information. Wow! I felt important, whilst running one of the largest companies in the world, she had taken time to respond because she had said she would.  That for me was walking the talk.

Another similar example to this was Richard Reed at Innocent Drinks – another business that espouses strong principles and values.  In a similar way to Vivienne, I had heard Richard speak, was impressed and asked him to be a role model for us.  Same thing happened.  He agreed and a short while later, the answers appeared along with an apology for the delay.

What does this tell me?  It tells me that no matter, how large or small your business is – what others will remember is how you walked your talk – how you made them feel important and valued. 

This costs nothing – but make a huge impact – so try it out today for your business.