Just back from going to Venturefest  which is an annual jamboree promoting business start-ups particularly in the science and technology sectors.  There seems to be so much support for businesses that you might think how can anyone possibly fail?  Yet, whilst there is a lot of support available, how many would-be entrepreneurs know about the services that exist to help them?

I still see a big gap between the services being offered and the awareness of these services by the wider public.  And if you are thinking of running a lifestyle business to give you independence, control over your life and flexibility….hmm….that’s a different story.  Sometimes business support providers can turn their noses up at lifestyle entrepreneurs, yet they are the backbone of today’s economy. Many people have no desire to grow a huge corporation but want to make a difference and earn sufficient income for themselves.   Surely, both types of entrepreneurs are needed in our society, and if so, I think we need to recognise and value them all.