One of the best things about being a speaker at the Marketing Forum is that you get an opportunity to hear other people talk about interesting subjects too.  Whilst onboard the Aurora, I went along to a workshop on using LInkedIn.  I use Linkedin a lot and think its great, but had not really thought about if I had a strategy for using it. Luckily Mark Williams from ETN Training put my mind at rest.  He explained how to use it effectively as a marketing tool, with useful advice including:

– never dismiss an invitation with the option "I don't know them" but use "archive" which achieves the same objective but does not negatively impact that persons account. Apparently if lots of people say they don't know you when you ask to connect to them, your account gets some type of limited status. Useful to know.

-joining groups is a good way to expand your network because it then enables you to contact other members of a group directly. The bigger the group, the most access to a wider number of people you have.

-make sure your profile is 100% complete along with a photo

– get active – post questions, respond to status updates, post your own updates – because every time you do so, others in your network will see what you are doing and you keep your name in front of them. 

He had some great success stories to share about how people have benefited from using LInkedIn – and I realised that I DO have a strategy although I did not realise it until now!