It's been a whirlwind week so far and I have just come back from Dublin where I was speaking at the Institute of Business Analysis and Consulting Annual conference.  The theme was on the evolving role of the analyst and one of the research reports highlighted that two of the top five skills needed by analysts were communication and listening skills.

I had the morning to listen to some great keynote speakers and take some time to think about how their messages resonated with our business.  Sometimes it really useful to make space to reflect and listen to people who are completely outside of your business sector.  You can glean new ideas that you never thought of.  

Then at lunchtime, I sat down next to a lady and we started chatting.  After about 20 minutes we realised that we both ran women's networking groups so had lots in common.  We also reflected that if we had only had 3 minutes of "speed networking" we might never have made that connection.  As a result she is going to write an article on her perspective of women's networking in Dublin for our newsletter.So take time to listen to someone that you don' normally talk to, and you might learn some amazing things!