This week we had an interesting speaker at our networking group – Louise Ladbrooke, who was Welsh Women of the Year 2002 – Small Business Category.   She gave us a heart rendering account of the highs and lows of starting up, growing her business and then selling it.  Whilst many of us might be put off by even starting up, Louise has encountered and overcome more than her fair share of challenges during this journey.

Louise shared valuable lessons which I know will apply to all of us in business:

  • Not to give too many ‘slices’ of yourself away
  • Maintain personal sanity and keeping in mind WHY you are doing all this work
  • Trust and listen to your inner voice
  • Focus on enjoying what you do and making the most of it (‘Do what you love and love what you do’)
  • Use visualization to help you achieve your goals
  • Never be afraid to ask for help
  • Remember and appreciate that there are more important things in life than work
  • Trusting your instinct (gut feeling)