The time is almost here and our event at Blenheim Palace with top speaker and wealth coach, Nicola Cairncross starts in a few hours.   I looked back yesterday at an email that Lesley Reader (co-organiser) had sent to me a few months ago, saying we would aim to get between 60 and 80 people attending. We have 72!   So we attracted in to our event, what we asked for.

I watched "The Secret" last week too and its basic premise is the law of attraction. People attract into their lives what they focus on and if you focus on problems, you are likely to get problems.  If you want something to happen that has a positive intention, then be clear about what you want to attract and send the message into the universe.  It reminded me of our event, and how we have attracted what we focused on.

I have now clearly written out our company goals for the next 12 months and am focused on attracting what we want into our business.  It was exciting to do this and to create a powerful visual image of those things that we will have achieved by the end of 2008.  So you only have another 12 months of reading the blog to find out if I was correct or not!!