We all enjoy stories and you can use them in business very effectively.  Think of the last time you heard or read a story about a customer who had gone to a business with a specific need, got the product they wanted and left delighted that they had received great service?   What is that customer going to do next?  Tell a story of course about her experience to her friends, so that next time they have a similar need for that product, who will they remember about?

Marilynn Mobley, Senior Vice President of Edelman talked about what makes a good story during her workshop at the Women President’s Organisation conference.  She gave some examples of companies  that have moved from being product based to being brand based and therefore telling a story.

Company     Product-based                    Brand-based
Nike            Athletics Shoes                Ultimate Physical Achievement
Disney        Animated Movies            Magical Experiences
HSBC        Collection of banks            World’s local bank

She explained the five points that all good stories have:

1. It captivates you from the beginning
2. It is descriptive, and conveys vivid images
3. It has a hero and a mission
4. It has or makes a point
5. It encourages you to think about it or to take action and pass it on.

Think about that for your business, does your business tell a story?  Have a read of the introduction on our Mission Possible website and see what you think about our story.