Yesterday I received a copy of The The Art of Decisions written by Chris Blake, a business contact of mine. I had written a review of the book for him and it was wonderful to see the finished article in paperback.   What Chris does is skilfully link the art of decision making to poker theory and he has lots of useful insights to share on this.  It made me think again about some important decisions we have made recently about the way ahead for our business.  Idecided what to stop doing, which whilst was at one level (head) a tough decision to make, at another level (heart) it was really easy.  Wow – how empowering it was to just say – we are no longer going to do……and then feel good about making this decision.

One of Chris’s insights is to "know yourself/know your enemy" in that when you are either running a business or playing poker you need to have a great deal of self-knowledge.  That is what I had been reflecting on – what we do REALLY well and what we love doing, and therefore using this knowledge to make decisions was energising.  So consider the rules of thumb you use for decision making – and  review them to assess if they work for you.  Alternatively, buy a copy of the book and get some new insights.