It is hard to capture the essence of the Women President’s Organisation conference this year, which has sustaining success as the theme.  The conference contained so many inspiring and thought provoking ingredients.  Held in New Orleans the week before Jazzfest, the city was buzzing!  Here are some of the highlights for me:

Ping Fu founder of Geomagic, who sold it to 3D Systems delivered the first keynote address. She blew our minds with the potential of 3D printing in the future and how innovation is the key for change. She talked about

  • Behind every closed door, there is always an open space
  • When you innovate things will never go as you expect, so in that situation, be prepared to fire the plan, not the people
  • Life is like a mountain range, and the opportunities are found in the valleys, so you have to come down from the top of the mountain into the next valley to spot them
  • Our human evolution has been limited by the mental self, not the physical self

Watch her You Tube video describing how 3D printing will revolutionise the way we do things.


Pavithra Metha, award-winning filmmaker and Board of Directors, Aravind Eye Foundation – The World’s Greatest Business Case for Compassion

The next keynote address was about the story of the Aravind Eye Hospital in India, and how their business model has challenged some of the long-held beliefs that can prevail about how to run a socially focused business and make money. They are:

  • we can’t turn anyone away
  • we can’t compromise on quality
  • we must be self reliant 

As Pavithra told the story of how the hospital was founded on these principles and has achieved amazing success, she explained that we are not here just to restore sight, we are here to reaffirm dignity – a powerful message. Some of the ways they have achieved success are an unwavering focus on having a streamlined workflow, optimising resources and continual feedback

Watch the You Tube video on the story of Aravind.


John Gerzema, BAV Consulting – Leading in a New Age

athenaThe workshop that was a highlight was John Gerzema talking about this research for his book The Athena Doctrine, which outlines the rise of feminine competencies and values in today’s world.   Gerzema and team traveled nearly four times around the globe surveying 64,000 citizens in 25 nations to learn how the most innovative people are deploying feminine strengths and values to recover from an economic and social crisis and create a more hopeful future.  Some of the points he made were from his research were:

  • 79% of people agreed that personal success requires collaboration and sharing with others
  • 67% agreed I would work for less money at a company whose culture and values I believed in

Watch the You Tube video about the results of his research.



Sue Stockdale is London Chapter Chair of Women Presidents Organisation.  For more information about the chapter see recent article in H Edition magazine