It's been a busy last two weeks, and I have been away sailing across the Atlantic to the Carribean and Deep South on the Oriana entertaining people with my adventure stories.  The challenge of any small business owner however, is to have systems and people in place that can manage things in your absence.

For some of our projects this worked really well, and for other things I was working on personally this represented a challenge!  Whilst on the high seas I had to complete a tender proposal and therefore relied on technology to make sure I could send it to my colleague by the required date.  Now I have written so many times on this blog about not relying on technology that you would think I could take my own advice – but no – everything will be fine I thought, until the ship's internet link was down for the first few days.

That meant we had one port of call for 1/2 day which HAD to have internet access.  I was being a tour escort and therefore was visiting Santiago de Compostela for the morning – armed with my laptop we arrived.  The town is quite small but luckily at the best hotel in town, there was internet access – and it was free too… all ended well with the document being emailed okay.  These types of issues do make business stressful… I must learn for next time….

After a while though I did remind myself that we don't need to be a slave to our emails and that accessing them once a day, at a VERY slow speed of access, meant that all replies were short and sweet and I cursed anyone who sent large file attachments…..

Speaking of women, I saw this great statue at Key West and thought that the man lying at the foot of it seemed to  be enjoying the scene!