My favourite Saturday night TV show Strictly Come Dancing  was on again last night and its getting more exciting.    It made me think about the difference in approach that the TV stars seem to have compared to the sportspeople. People used to acting tend to deliver a great performance, but can lack attention to detail on the technical side, whereas those coming from a sporting background are not so used to "performing" perhaps.

Is your company full of Foxtrot Specialists or American Smoothes?

The Foxtrot Specialist
He/she is technically brilliant and provide concise factual information when asked but are hopeless when required to become customer facing, because they are not used to "performing" or at least making an effort to be friendly and welcoming to customers. 

The American Smoothe
These people are smooth operators, they look the part and dress to impress.  They can talk the talk and think that all they need to do is smile, deliver a few positive comments "oh you look great in that" to close the sale. What they lack is detailed product knowledge so don’t ever ask them a technical question (reminds me of a few IT, sportswear and electrical retailers that I have visited over the years…!)

Both types need to learn to value and appreciate the differences in the other if you want to achieve the greatest results from your team.  So go back to work and think about the type of people that work in your company?