August has been a month of transition.  After selling Mission Possible I went off for two weeks to lecture on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean.  It was a great way to switch off from work and have a nice change of scene….whilst getting some sun!

I also went to the Women President’s Organisation annual training workshop for Chapter Chairs.  One of the speakers we had was Travis Bradberry talking about Emotional Intelligence and we all got a copy of his new book Emotional Intelligence 2.0. What’s so great about this is that it’s like the StrengthsFInder book in that you buy a copy and get a code at the back which enables you to go online and do the assessment then follow the actions in the book to improve your emotional intelligence.  Brilliant – a cost effective tool and I am already using this with some of my coaching clients.

So now I look ahead and seek some exciting new challenge.  All ideas are welcome!