I have been arranging the Small Business Academy that we are going to run at the Faringdon Enterprise Gateway during August and September.  It has been fun finding great speakers and putting together an interesting programme.   

This will be one of the last projects taking place at the Gateway as it is due to close at the end of September.  We are told by SEEDA who fund the Gateways along with Business Link, that resources are being focused on more targeted support particularly in areas of high social deprivation in the South East.

I can’t help but question the sense of closing a place that has been so successful in instilling  a spirit of enterprise in the local community.  At least the positive legacy is the many business men and women that have gained confidence, learned new skills and received valuable advice to help their businesses start up or keep going as a result.  Our job now will be to keep signposting people to all the other local resources that exist to help their businesses grow and develop.  So if your company provides a service that can help small business owners in Oxfordshire and surrounding Counties then let us know.