We had a board meeting today to discuss and agree the business strategy.  We have a diverse board of Directors and each of them have different skills and knowledge to bring to our business. The synergy of ideas and discussion provides an output much greater than that which we could achieve as individuals.  My job is to keep us focused, provide direction and ensure we get through all the issues to be discussed – now there’s a challenge when everyone likes to have their say!

When someone asks a question or makes a suggestion that I would never have thought of, it reinforces to me the value of having a strong management team and sharing the responsibilities and the rewards of growing the business.  What I also like is the rigour of having to report back to the board on progress. It makes me feel that we are all in this together and keeps me motivated….

I also like that I can set the tone of how the meeting should be run.  No pretence, no power politics, no procrastination.  Just focus, fun and of course….food!