If you are looking for a speaker for your event, meeting or conference, you will want to find someone who can deliver the results you want.

What makes us different?

When you book Sue Stockdale as a speaker she will:

  • Undertake research about your organisation ahead of time
  • Arrange a briefing call to ensure she understands your bespoke needs
  • Show up early and stay after the event to mingle with your attendees
  • Keep to the allotted time, even if it’s less than was originally planned
  • Deliver added value to your audience through her commitment cards
  • Seek genuine feedback after the event, not just expect a positive testimonial

Sue Stockdale is a sought-after speaker

Sue inspires business leaders around the world to achieve exceptional performance. She has an in-depth understanding of motivation and leadership, gleaned from her decades of experience in business, adventure and sport.

She has delivered keynote presentations at some of the world’s top companies and international conferences, and for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Using powerful images and thought provoking messages, Sue inspires people to take action by drawing analogies between her experience and their situations.  Her presentations are delivered with passion and energy, so that delegates leave feeling they can achieve things they did not imagine were possible.

View Sue’s LinkedIn profile for more speaker testimonials and comments.

Our clients include

Added Value

Sue provides a “commitment card” to encourage people to write down an action they will take when they leave the event. She makes a pledge to follow each one up in a month’s time. This ensures that action and behaviour change is sustained, long after each event is over.

Contact Sue now to find out more + 44 (0)7780 670664 or info@suestockdale.com 

We had very positive comments about your session. The combination of the story of your North Pole expedition and your advice around risk worked really well and it was very inspirational.

Sue Clayton, Executive Director, CBRE 

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