How would you rate the effectiveness of the leaders in your business today?

Operating on their A Game?    Good…..and need to be exceptional?

No matter how capable your leaders are today, it is likely they will need to continue to develop their skills and capabilities, as the needs of your organisation change.

We can help you do this.

What makes us different?
  • We started up in 1997 and have worked with over 300 organisations worldwide.
  • Everything we design and deliver is custom-made, to meet your specific needs.
  • Our programmes effect change in mindset, behaviours and ultimately, results.
  • Programmes are experiential, so people learn through doing, not just intellectually.
  • We work with clients in corporates, not for profits, government organisations and small business
  • We design leadership programmes for volunteers, who are often motivated differently to those in employed roles.
  • Our clients keep coming back....and they tell other people about us too!

Don’t just take our word for it – read about what our clients say:

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Examples of our successful programmes include:

  • Leadership Academy to develop next generation of rugby club leaders across England
  • Communication skills programme for senior leaders in Scottish infrastructure organisation
  • Team development using Risk Type Compass for global tech company
  • Masterclass on Pushing your Boundaries for the Human Resources Forum
  • Thinking on the Spot programme for leaders within the public sector