It was a real shock this week to hear of the death of Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop.  For many she was a role model and the one name that people always say when asked to name a successful female entrepreneur. 

So it made me think, who else would be on your list of top ten women entrepreneurs?  Would it be other high profile women such as Jacqueline Gold, who runs Ann Summers, or a woman you know from your local area who has turned her business dream into reality?

Last week, the first lady of finance Fiona Price launched her new venture Diva Biz.  Its a wonderful website containing video clips of women in corporate business as well as successful entrepreneurs. The essence of the site is to impart their insights and explore the common, unspoken and untaught language of business – answering such questions as: how you manage yourself when the chips are down, how you find balance and make the best decisions, how you can achieve fulfillment and happiness through business?  Worth a look….