This week we have teamed up with Rockstar Group to provide a great additional service for Mission Possible users, in the shape of a mentoring programme which also provides as access to potential finance for start up or growth.

I came across Jonathan Pfahl, founder of Rockstar when he posted a message on a forum that I subscribe to – which reinforces the points made in Anna Farmery’s latest article on our site about how to create loyalty through social media.

Originally from Sydney, Jonathan has spent his entire business career in setting up companies and investing in both shares and property.  He moved to London in January 2005 and began work on his newest company group, Rockstar.

Constantly being in an environment of like-minded entrepreneurs and people who are wanting to become entrepreneurs, Jonathan realised very swiftly that there are so many switched on, like minded entrepreneurs in this country, who have fantastic business ideas, but simply lack the experience and support to turn their business dreams into reality. “That is essentially what Rockstar is all about” he says. His aim is to show anyone with a business idea, or with a small business which they are looking to grow that it IS possible! you just need the right support to make it happen.” 

This is obviously in line with what Mission Possible offers and our complementary services work well for users. The Rockstar Group offers affordable mentoring for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. Through a combination of one to one mentoring on an on-going basis and continual promotion of your products and services to key customers, the team at Rockstar are dedicated to seeing their members businesses succeed.  I am one of their mentors, so its bound to be successful!