It's been another week of learning and sharing whilst I attended the HR Forum onboard the Oriana.  800 executives put together for two days of learning and networking with little time for rest and relaxation and organised in a slick process to ensure maximum benefit is gained from the time available.

The keynote speaker was Sir Clive Woodward, coach of the Rugby World Cup Winning Rugby side in 2003 and he had plenty to tell us about rocks, sponges and teacups.

He said great teams are made up of great individuals and they have to be willing to continually learn i.e. be a "sponge".  Those who don't want to learn he categorised as "rocks" and suggested that you encourage them to become a sponge or throw them in the pond – or at least get them to move on!

His philosophy about t-cups is the acronym, Thinking Clearly Under Pressure, and cited examples of how the team would come together in the war room and discuss situations that they might find themselves in and put players on the spot to find out how they would deal  with it.  This ability to think clearly in pressure situations is partly what helped them to win during the final, Sir Clive believes.

This got the entire event off to a flying start and it was jam packed for two days.  I now have a mountain of business cards to follow up. Note to self…..have a break from conferences for a couple of weeks!