Today I watched the Sealed Knot do a re-enactment of the battle for Faringdon that took place in 1646. Everyone was dressed in period costume and fighting with muskets and pikes showing how primitive it was to be on the battlefield in those days.

It made me think about business in the old days.  How quickly we forget the time before computers were around; calculations were done with pen and paper, handwritten receipts, cash registers that were enormous and people who had time for each other. 

Sometimes we think that we have improved now we are in the modern age, but a lot can be learnt from looking into the past.  I spoke to some of the people who were in the “living history” camp, and who were weaving, sewing, cooking, playing music and talking to each other.  All those activities that helped people to create community, build relationships and help one another.  Whilst it might have been “competitive” on the battlefield, there was time for conversation away from it.

Perhaps tomorrow you can do some re-enactment from the past yourself – say good morning to someone on the way to work, have time to enjoy your breakfast and chat to those who are close to you.  By slowing down, we can take a step back in time and learn some useful things!