Have been creating a new business planning programme today along with my colleague Roger Croft.  We are taking a very practical approach as I am aware that writing a business plan can seem frightening to many people because it is a "big job".  So much so that they often don’t get round to doing it.
We are using the "bite size chunks" approach and along with some individual coaching, we hope this will enable the participants to really create a plan that is of value to them, and not seen as a chore.  Will let you know how it goes!

I was being interviewed for Oxfordshire Life magazine yesterday and being asked about the principles behind Mission Possible. I found myself talking about this exact point, in that helping people to take lots of small steps enables them to realise that they can make their "mission possible" because they have built up momentum.  Why not try this from tomorrow – every day do one small thing to take you towards your goal and at the end of 30 days review your progress. I would bet that you will find that you will then keep going with it….