Sue Stockdale Obtains Prestigious Professional Designation as a Certified Facilitator of Peter Drucker’s The Five Most Important Questions Self-Assessment Tool

Sue Stockdale has been recognized as part of the Leader to Leader Institute Facilitator Network as a certified facilitator of Peter Drucker’s “The Five Most Important Questions” Self-Assessment Tool. This prominent designation recognizes Sue's completion of an intensive two-day Facilitator Network Training Program and mastery in facilitation of Peter Drucker’s “The Five Most Important Questions” Self-Assessment Tool.

Sue is in the first class of Certified Facilitators who engage businesses, organizations, institutions or governments in the process of Self-Assessment to reach new levels of performance and innovation. As a Certified Facilitator, Sue is capable of helping boards and management teams create a learning organization geared towards future-learning performance; helping customers anticipate change; and in aligning organizational competencies and commitment with opportunities. She is able to instruct customers on how to appraise performance and set direction — even shape the future.

About Drucker's "Five Most Important Questions" Facilitator Network Training Program

Peter Drucker's "The Five Most Important Questions" Facilitator Network Training Program is designed for experienced organizational trainers to develop expertise in the utilization of the "The Five Most Important Questions" Self-Assessment Tool. The first Training session was held on April 25—26 in San Diego, CA. There will be additional Training sessions in selected regions of the United States to which potential participants may apply for scholarships. Training cost is $2,000. Leader to Leader Institute members receive a 20% discount, totaling $1,600. More information

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