After my blog posting yesterday about getting rid of things that are holding you back, I received some feedback from a reader.  The story really made me realise the value of storytelling as a way of connecting to others and prompting thought. See what ideas this provokes in you…..

"Your message rang true to me. For over 20 years I haven't driven; I was involved
in 2 car accidents where other people died and I was very badly injured. In the
second accident I was driving. I was terribly traumatised and just couldn't get
behind a wheel.

Last year, in an innocent conversation, a friend said 'You
need to drive business your way'. I misheard her, thinking she said 'You need to
drive to get business'. I suddenly realised that I needed to address this, as it
was a block to moving forward.

Just recently, after over 25 years, I had my
first lesson. I had a month off with the Christmas holidays and the bad weather and have now had 6
lessons in 2 months. Now this week, I will be doing my first
solo run in my new car, that I bought at the end of last year.

It hasn't been easy: I've
had a number of nightmares and sleepless nights; but I'm going to do it.

I'll be scared on the day, but if I can do that, I'm well on the road".

Powerful isn't it – when you realise what's really holding you back and are prepared to take action to overcome it?