I hear the same old story on a regular basis – how someone who has experienced a problem or frustration uses it as the motivation to start a business.  Today, it was Gloria Bohan, President, CEO and founder of Omega World Travel who talked about her first cruise when she had gone on the QE2 for her honeymoon and had been upgraded to a suite.  She enjoyed the cruise so much that the following year they returned to the QE2 only to be told they could not upgrade to a suite because all the suites were booked by travel agents.  So her husband suggested that if they could not beat them, they should join them and she should start up a travel agency.  That was in the 70s and now years later they are the third largest travel management company in the US, according to Business Travel News.

It reminded me that we do get annoyed by things not always going as planned, or being able to find a solution to a problem.  So next time that happens, think about turning the problem into an opportunity and asking yourself what need could be satisfied if this was a business opportunity?  It might help us to reframe situations and find creative ways to develop our businesses for the future.