I received an email recently from a 18 year old Matthew Roberts in Australia who runs a online business inspirationtoachieve.com . He asked if I would like to be interviewed for a CD he is developing that will contain inspirational stories from top achievers.  I agreed to participate and we carried out the interview today.   Once we got chatting he told me about some of his own personal challenges and that his business idea came as a result of trying to address them.

It reminded me that "the only person stopping you achieving greatness- is very often yourself".  Matthew impressed me because he demonstrated that he was prepared to take action and to ask for help. What is the worst that could have happened for him – I said no?  Sometimes we are too frightened to ask for help and yet thats often when the opportunities appear.  So be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and ask the question – can you help me?  Remember that the person helping also gets satisfaction from doing so and its not a one sided gesture.