It's been an odd week because of the weather. With snow hampering travel and several activities rescheduled I had the pleasure this week of having several telephone meetings that were originally planned as face to face meetings.  What a revelation!  They were focused, fun and productive.  Whilst I always recommend the benefits of face to face, there is also a place for telephone meetings too. Perhaps I should listen more keenly to what Anna Farmery always promotes in her wonderful podcasts and try out GotoMeeting.

I did get out yesterday and delivered a session on self-promotion to the high growth programme.  As the delegates appreciated, it does not matter how effectively your business plan is written, if you are not able to effectively promote yourself and your business, its less likely that any investor will want to pursue a conversation.  So how you look, how you behave and having a clear message is all vital to the entrepreneur. 

We did an exercise where each person wrote down what their company brand values were and then I showed all of their websites to the group and each person commented on their first impressions of the site, and what they felt about what it was communicating to them.  This was fascinating – how often do you get "real" feedback from people about how your brand comes across to them?  Whilst it required some to step out of their comfort zone to offer honest and valuable feedback, the benefit was It gave each person additional insight which they can now use to realign or reiterate their brand values.  

Sometimes we need to be prepared to face adversity to gain the opportunity from it.