Whew! Another NLP weekend over….I am constantly amazed at how powerful this can be – not only in work but in life too.  We were focusing on what’s known as the meta model – which is how we experience an event and through our own filters we distort, delete and generalise so that many people could experience the same event and take away something different from the experience.

It made me think about how women view business. I know that research shows that many women say the fear of failure puts them off in the first place, but I am now thinking that maybe once they start on the journey in business its not the fear of failure that is scary but the fear of success.  It might mean that when they are successful in business, society, their partners, families and friends will view them differently. What might be the implications of this and their own personal identity?   If part of our upbringing instills into us that maybe we will not have to assume complete responsibility, then perhaps that is partly what frightens women at a deep level – they will choose to be entirely responsible for their own destiny and realise how powerful they really are?   I will think further on this and all views are welcome to extend this thinking…..