On Monday we had our monthly meeting of the Faringdon Businesswomen’s Networking Group that we run.  It was our second birthday and we now have almost 200 members.  The membership has grown mainly by word of mouth and it seems that what women like about our group is the informality of it.  I was fed up going to networking events that seem like everyone is there to sell rather than to build relationships which as all of us know is the basis for future business opportunities anyway.  Everyone hates being sold to at these sorts of events!

So I decided that our group would be different.  First of all it would be relaxed and informal, secondly it would be easy to join for everyone – hence no fee.  We are lucky in that the Faringdon Enterprise Gateway where we host it provide the room and refreshments free of charge.  We both win out of it, they get people coming to the network who then go on to use the services at the Gateway and we get a venue that is in the heart of the local community to use for our meetings.

I think it is collaboration that women are good at, we tend to seek out the win-win option and I apply this approach to other aspects of our business. Why compete when you can collaborative to benefit everyone?