I thought I would tell you about two companies that to my mind have grasped technology to make it work for us the customer and I applaud them for their brilliant services and for making my life easier.

Constant Contact – How did we ever do any sort of effective online communication before this existed!
I am always recommending this site to others as it is so user friendly and every little feature that you think about has already been consider by the developers and is available.  If you want to create a simple newsletter or survey then give it a try today.  It’s really easy to use!

Ringgo – I am often at the train station and have struggled in the past when I had no change for parking.  This nifty service allows you to pay at the car park via your mobile phone and then you can go to the website and print off your VAT receipts at the end of the month.  It has revolutionised how I view station car parks now.   There I was this week at Oxford station car park, running late as usual and it meant I could sort out the car parking stuff whilst walking to the platform.  Time saving and a genius idea!