As you probably
know, before I founded Mission Possible, I skied to the North Pole. It was a
long journey which was really difficult at times, but I found the best way to
get support was from my peers. It’s just the same in business because no-one
understands the issues that an owner of a growing business faces with the same
clarity and immediacy as does another entrepreneur.

this in mind, we have launched Mission Growth™ as a way for women to connect with
their peers so that they learn, share and help each other achieve business

Mission Growth™
brings together groups of women who are running businesses with annual turnovers
between £75,000 and £500,000 to address their business issues on a monthly
basis. Each local group has up to 15 members from non-competing businesses
and is run by a highly experienced facilitator. The facilitator uses our
Mission Growth process to ensure that there is a structured way for you to share
experiences and help one another to focus on the “bottom line”.

We have
teamed up with Barclays, Kleinwort Benson and hyro Online to deliver this
service, which eventually will be available across the UK. Our
first three groups are launching in Swindon, Newbury and  Oxfordshire so
download our brochure (pdf document) or look at the website to find out more.