It’s not long until 2008 and we have been thinking ahead and writing our business plan for next year.  I like writing the plan because I can utilise my
strengths. I get excited thinking about the future and then writing the
plan to make it happen. Having delivered a presentation last week to an audience of business people on "maximising your strengths for business success" part of it involved talking about the useful feedback you can get from doing the StrengthsFinder assessment.

The results had showed that my strengths are – futuristic, activator, significance, maximiser and focus.  Knowing where your strengths lie makes work all the more pleasurable, particularly when you are able to use them on a regular basis.  Some of the research behind the book, which was carried out by the Gallup Organisation showed that only 20% of employees strongly agreed that they have an opportunity to do what they do best every day. Staggering isn’t it – all that talent not being used.

So ask yourself the same question – do you have an opportunity to do what you are good at every day? and if not, do something to change your current situation!  It’s amazing how energising it is to be doing what you are good at!