This week we carried out our interviews for our Managing Director role.  It was an insightful experience for me for it felt as much like we were making a business pitch to the potential candidates as it was them sussing us out to see if they would like to work with our company.  And what comes through from both sides of the table are values versus written communication – do you "do" what you say you do?

It reminded me of the initial coaching session I have with clients when I always notice if their non verbal communication matches the stated goals for the session.  If there is a mismatch a bit of detective work is always required to get to the "real issue" and its nearly always related to values and beliefs.

This was just the same at the interviews – I am sure our values shone through and hopefully matched up to our stated aims, and it was the same for the candidates.  The quicker I can connect with someone at that meaningful level, the easier it is to work together. So I was reminded that authenticity is what counts….and lasts….in good working relationships…..