Just finished running a 10 week Leadership and Management programme at a local University.  On our final session, I asked the participants to present to the group what they had learned in any way they wanted to.  One lady, Gerry Francome, decided to write a poem which we all enjoyed so here it is:

The course started with contracting
But no contract was made
Our tutor and leader
to the background did fade.
They put in her place
A lady called Sue
Founder of Mission Possible
She’d know what to do.

We have had practical tasks
with some fun and games
Various speakers, can’t remember their names
But the messages given, have been clearly recieved
If the ticks on evaluation sheets
are to be believed.

Motivating drivers, reverse brainstorming too
just a couple of lession we’ve learned from you.
Your knowledge and experience
you have skillfully shared,
adding value to our business
which cannot be compared.

Now we can manage and lead
our teams to the top,
with our newly acquired skills
we will be hard to stop.

Strategies and theories, now come into play
making them part of our regular day
motivation and appreciation, taking responsibility is key
if a good leader and manager is what we want to be.

At least I know that she remembered some of the concepts we had covered!!