Today I am excited. It is launch day.  We have been arranging the UK launch of Women President’s Organisation for months and now it’s here.  I will be the facilitator of the first chapter to be based in London and  we have an interesting selection of women business owners attending the event from both USA and UK.  These women are all successful in their own right – running businesses that have annual turnovers in excess of £1million and what they have in common is that they all recognise the benefit of supporting one another to help them grow their businesses.

My role is also exciting – to facilitate the meetings and ensure that each woman gets the most out of being a member. I am motivator, supporter, mediator and lots more…. Confidentiality is key to the success of each chapter as who wants to share their innermost worries amongst people they don’t trust?

It’s almost like going on a polar expedition together – you have to know that the others are there to support you during the tough times as well as the successes.   On expedition, you have to ski, eat and live together 24 hours a day for at least a month.  No icebergs to hide behind when going out for a pee, so you leave your modesty at the door.  Our meetings won’t be quite as extreme, but the careful process of building up trust will be just the same.