I am glad this week is over…. For me it has been a constant juggling the management of two businesses, updating the website, travelling to clients, delivering workshops, preparing material for new workshops, trying to get some exercise and eat correctly, walk the dogs, keep home in some state of order…..whilst thinking ahead to Christmas and all that it entails. 

If you are a woman reading this, you are probably very familiar with all these different sort of plates that we end up trying to keep spinning all at the same time.  I know I cannot excel in all the above areas, because superwoman does not exist, but sometimes I give it a good try!

Anyway, this week I have also had write our monthly update for the board of directors. I am finding that this really helps me take stock of what we have achieved (or not and if not, why not) and look at the business in a much more objective manner, rather than getting too caught up in it all.  What this tells me is there are too many plates spinning and some of them will have to drop or be delegated to others.  Having a reason to report on progress makes sure you see how far you have come. So even if you don’t have a board of directors, make sure you report to yourself and measure all areas of your life. Are you achieving what you want to?  If no, then maybe decide on which plate could be dropped for the short term….