It’s funny how much I take for granted the ability to communicate via email or telephone and its not until you are on the high seas, or trekking to the North Pole do you realise that sometimes its not available.

Over the last few days we have been at sea sailing up the coast of Chile and during quite a bit of the time, there has been no satellite communications so hence no internet or telephone.  At first its frustrating when there are messages to send and issues to deal with, but then after a while, I got quite used to being uncontactable.

So as I disembark the ship and head back to civilisation, I have a new insight into keeping the perspective between when it is important to be contactable and when its fine to switch my phone off and get away from the outside world.  There is something to be said for this and all of a sudden you realise what “urgent” really means, and let’s face it – most things are normally not urgent, its just that in business we have become used to getting instant responses!