My new year mantra is just do it.  I sometimes like to procrastinate, and the "to do" list just keeps getting longer with all those important but not urgent tasks reappearing time and time again.

Well I decided that one my new year resolutions is just to do it.  An issue arises – deal with it; difficult call to make – do it now; emails requiring action – take it. 

I am feeling already pretty good about this, because I do not have that feeling at the end of the day, oh I wish I had done……and it never does get done.

The secret so far – lots of people are still on holidays so emails are quieter than usual.  So I have reflected that its dealing with the emails as they come in and checking them too often that gets me distracted.  So, my new regime is to check them fewer times per day.  You will know why if you send me a message and don’t get an immediate response.  I am busy doing……!